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Things You've Collected And What They're Worth Now

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Attics and basements are oftentimes packed with forgotten dusty boxes, which hold old childhood memories and family knickknacks that no longer have a place on our shelves. From your old Pyrex dishes from the '70s to your kids' forgotten Happy Meal toys, it's a garage sale waiting to happen. While you might have been thinking about clearing out the clutter for the past 10 years, it might be lucky that you haven't. For once, procrastination has worked in your favor. The things you collected in childhood might be worth a fortune — you could be sitting on some serious cash and not even know it!

From classic childhood staples like Barbies and baseball cards, to unexpected goldmines like old beer cans and ancient vacuum cleaners, all these things could be worth something at auction. There is a collectors' society for nearly everything, and they're more than happy to pay big money if you're sitting on something rare. Rare pennies and dimes are selling for thousands of dollars in auction right now, and something as obscure as certain Pez dispensers are fetching tens of thousands of dollars on eBay. Who knows? You might just be sitting on something pretty valuable. Check out what to look for in your basement ahead!